Ask RIDE…What should I use to clean my frame?

Can you please tell me if automotive polishes and waxes are suitable to be used on carbon frames, likewise can minor stone chips be repaired with automotive clear lacquer?
R. De Fiets.
There are plenty of products suitable for cleaning your bike and not all of them are specifically designed. The ‘old soapy’ water with a scrubbing brush will do the job just fine – albeit with a little more elbow grease to get a sparkling finish. Automotive products can be used but like anything always read the label to check no harsh or abrasive elements are inside. As far as I’m aware most polishes should be fine but metal polish for example is too abrasive for a painted frame. Steer clear of products like Brasso because they will remove paint rather than polish it. Wood polishes seem to work well but like I mentioned the most important things to be aware of when not using a bicycle product is that no corrosive or abrasive ingredients are present.
For a safe option choose something like Finish Line’s polish, for a real sheen that protects the frame for at least a couple of weeks.
Stone chips can be covered up with a standard nail polish or hobby paint. Small pots can be bought from the same places where remote control cars, figurines etc are sold.


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