ASK RIDE… A question about groupset compatibility.

Hi I have a question re Shimano compatibility.

I currently have an old Sora set up on my Trek 1.2.  It is Eight speed square taper crank and I want to change to compact (getting older and slower uphill).  I have a Shimano 6700 compact crank and bottom bracket (from my crit bike) and want to know if I can somehow fit this to my Sora set up and keep the eight speed system as I can’t seem to find a Hollowtech 8 speed Shimano Crank.  Can I do this?

I don’t want to shell out big bucks to upgrade fully to 10 speed and the Eight speed shifts so smoothly and the Sora has the thumb change like the old Campag.

thanks – Steve (Rockville QLD)

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your question about finding a suitable compact crankset to suit your Sora 8-speed system.

I’m afraid the Ultegra 6700 series compact cranks will not be an ideal match with your Sora components.  These are 10-speed cranksets which run narrower 10-speed specific chainrings (due to the narrower the 10-speed chains).  It is possible to run these cranks (and matching chain) with 8-speed,  but you can’t expect the same level of shifting quality.

Another option which could work for you is the new Shimano 2300 series compact cranks (model FC-2350 – image attached).  While these cranks do not feature Shimano’s Hollowtech II design, they are 100% compatible with your existing Sora 8-speed system (you wouldn’t even need to change the bottom bracket).  This would be your best option in terms of hassle-free performance and good value.

Hope this info is helpful. – Greg Chalberg


Greg Chalberg has been working for Shimano since 1994 and has seen groupsets move from 7 to 10 and now electronic gear shifting with Shimano Di2

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