ASK RIDE… How do I correctly install a new chain?

The only thing I’m not comfortable fiddling around with on the bike is my chain (10 speed Shimano). How do I firstly work out the correct length, and then join it together so it won’t break the first time I stand up?- Scott (Narre Warren South, VIC)


There are specific instructions in order to attain optimal shifting. These vary between the three major manufacturers: Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano. As a general rule Shimano recommends the rear derailleur jockey wheels sit at 90 degrees to the ground (for 10-speed systems) when the chain is placed on the largest chainring and smallest cog. It is always a good idea to check this length by placing the chain in the biggest cog and largest chainring to ensure adequate length. The chain should only be fitted using a Shimano 10-speed reinforced joining pin and quality chain tool. Installation of the pin must be carried out carefully and the joined link should move freely if properly centred. Snap the end of the pin off and run through the gears to make sure it shifts smoothly. Ride away…   - Alex Malone


Alex is Staff Writer and Technical Editor for RIDE Cycling Review.

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