ASK RIDE…How do I stop sweat from getting in my eyes?

I ride both road and MTB, for both recreation and competition, albeit closer to the rear of the field for the latter.
For many years I have worn a cap to try to eliminate the volume of sweat that runs into my eyes, with the majority dripping from the peak of the cap. However, I still find that I often have to remove my glasses and wipe the sweat from my brow, and from my eyes to reduce the stinging from the sweat. Before riding I am careful to ensure I do not put sun cream too high on my temples.
I have often wondered how the big guns deal with this issue, if it is an issue at all for them. I used to ride with a headband but this did not work once it was saturated.
Andrew (Brunswick East)


Getting sweat in my eyes is not something that I have ever really had a problem with, however I have noticed some riders wear a sweat band on their wrist to to mop their forehead with. Furthermore I would ensure that your helmet is fitted correctly, so that it covers most of your forehead, and comes down close to your brow. That way the pads in your helmet will do their job properly and soak up that sweat. Perhaps invest in a helmet that is well ventilated so there is plenty of air to help that cooling effect, if you dont already have one.

Hope this helps and good luck! – Trent Lowe


Australian rider Trent Lowe has signed to ride with Team Pegasus from the 2011 season.  Previously he was signed to Garmin-Slipsteam (2008-2010) and Discovery Channel (2006-2007). In 2002 he won the UCI MTB World Junior XC Championship, then he won the under-23 Australian National Mountain Bike Championship in 2003 and 2004.

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