ASK RIDE… Should I use a seatpost extender on a pre-cut Giant ISP?

I’m looking at buying a 2011 Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 off a mate. He has cut the integrated seatpost to 763mm from centre of the cranks to top of seat, my seat height is 795mm. He has an extender which is 60 mm. Is it a tricky process to get my required seat height? Will the extender flex or cause problems and do you have any experience with this particular bike?
Ryan (address not provided)

Hi Ryan,

The TCR extension which you have mentioned can provide an additional 45mm of seatpost height. However, Martin Clucas from Giant Bicycles Australia has informed me that the recommendation is actually no more than 30mm of added height. This is to ensure there is adequate contact between the seat clamp and seat tube.
In short the answer is yes it is possible to get the correct seat height using the extension however, they have seen frames crack when the appropriate overlap of seat clamp and tube has not been followed. What you are wanting to achieve is not recommended by Giant. Alex Malone

Alex is Staff Writer and Technical Editor for RIDE Cycling Review.

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