ASK RIDE…Can you recommend any pumps that a 13 year old can use to inflate tyres 110psi?

I am a thirteen year old and I weigh 45 kilos, as such I have problems pumping my tires too 110psi.
Can you recommend any pumps that I would be able to pump up too that amount?
Ideally though I would like to be able to pump to 130psi for pursuiting.
James Moffat -


I have seen a few pumps over the years which had a high pressure/high volume lever which would solve some of your problems. I believe Topeak has a floor pump called the JoeBlow Ace which has this setting. This pump has a three-stage action which inflates the tyre up to a reasonable pressure by using the high volume setting and can then be changed for high pressure; inflating only a few psi with each pump but quite easily. This should solve your pumping concerns.
Otherwise, start doing some weights and get strong – Alex

Alex Malone  is Technical Editor and staff writer for RIDE Cycling Review.

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