ASK RIDE…What does a pros typical training week consist of ?

Hi Guys
What does a pros typical training week consist of?
Troy (Adelaide SA)

Hello Troy

Pro’s will be training any where between 12 to 28 hours on the bike a week in December with some core strength work and power training (for some riders) in the gym.

During the months of January and February a pro rider will be doing between 28 to 34 hours on the bike a week, with a mix of interval training consisting of strength, power, speed training on the flats and climbs. They will be still continuing with core body training pilates etc.

This all depends on the following factors:

- type of rider you are

- your strengths and weaknesses

- racing program

- goals

- Your team obligations

Eg if you want to be really mixing it up for the win at the National champs and Tour down under in January or getting ready for the euro season classics, Giro, Tour etc…. later in the season.

Good luck

Scott Sunderland

Australian Scott Sunderland made a name for himself as a professional cyclist early on in his career. As a trusted domestique riding for stars like Stephen Rooks, Dimitri Konychev,  Robert Millar, Jesper Skibby, Andrei Tchmil and Chris Boardman the young former Australian National Road Champion earned respect and many life-long friendships.  He now runs his own sports management consultancy company.

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