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For many years we have published images of our ‘production wall’ upon completion of a magazine. A magnetised board behind the publisher’s desk eventually gets filled with A5 prints of every page in each issue and, once that’s done, it’s time to pull it all down and start another production. As it takes three months to make each issue, there’s a moment of hesitation before the deconstruction begins: there’s so much work on display that it begs for a photo – and that’s when those who are in the office stop work momentarily, reflect on what’s been done, and strike a pose…

The arrival of a new Deputy Editor is as good an excuse as any to take a moment to explain who does what in RIDE Media HQ in Sydney.


  • Another fine edition of RIDE Cycling Review. From left to right: Rob Arnold, Shane Lovejoy, Claudia Carr and Greg Chalberg.

  • The satisfaction is evident...

  • Master. Class. Indeed...!

  • The designer inspects his work...

  • A proud publisher.

  • RIDE 63 in all its glory.


We welcome Claudia Carr into a versatile role in the office. She is an enthusiastic cyclist with a most pedantic nature who has proof-read the magazine since 2010. With an eye for detail and a calm demeanour Claudia is a great asset in many ways; she has a passion for cycling, writing, and keeping things in order. In 2011 she made a trip to Geelong to spend several days in consultation with Darren Baum who duly created a piece of art our of titanium, painted some of it green and built it up for Ms Carr to enjoy.

We all ride. It might not be as often as we’d like but cycling is a big part of our lives. The bicycle is what brings us together and the lifestyle that comes with this lovely piece of machinery is what we want to share with our readers.

It’s a small, passionate team that’s responsible for making five magazines each year: four issues of RIDE Cycling Review as well as the Official Tour de France Guide (Australian edition). There is also, of course, a long list of contributors and supporters who help create our products. Print is still our main source of income: we’ve been making magazines about cycling since July 1998 and plan on doing so for a long time yet to come but the nature of publishing is changing. And that’s why we now also make RIDE Cycling Review available as an e-magazine on Zinio and iTunes (alas, due to licensing restrictions, the Tour Guide is only available in print).

Regular readers will note that there is a growing online presence. At the end of 2013 we launched a new-look website thanks to the efforts of our diligent designer Shane Lovejoy. This allows us to share information between issues as well as remember features from the past. We are also active on Facebook and Twitter: please ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ us and feel free to share your thoughts on what we do through our social media, via email or even a good old-fashioned letter.

Click on the cover of RIDE #63 (below) to see the editorial and contents of the current issue.


RIDE Cycling Review is published four times a year. The first issue of 2014 is now on sale around Australia.

RIDE Cycling Review is published four times a year. The first issue of 2014 is now on sale around Australia.


RIDE Media – the credits for #63


Publishing Editor: Rob Arnold

Deputy Editor, Business Manager: Claudia Carr

Accounts: Nicola Allbutt

Design: Rob Arnold and Shane Lovejoy

Administration: Monika Perzlmeier

Staff Writer: Greg Chalberg

Proof Reading: Claudia Carr and Graham Springett

Contributors — words:
Rob Arnold, Giles Belbin, Dan Bonello, Greg Chalberg, John Deering, Chris Gillespie, PSA Halyday, Bruce Hildenbrand, Giulia Lacivita, Shane Lovejoy, Jonathan Lovelock, Lisa Jacobs, Dan Jones, Warren Meade, Colin O’Brien, Tom Palmer, Adam Phelan, Jean-François Quenet, Rob Rixon, Nick Squillari and James Stout.

Kevin Anderson, Rob Arnold, Tim Bardsley-Smith, Bruno Bade, Antonio Bigarini, Greg Chalberg, Mark Gunter, Brian Hodes, Lachlan Learg, Shane Lovejoy, Jarrod Partridge, Veeral Patel, Scott Rainsford, Rob Rixon, Yuzuru Sunada, Graham Watson and Presse Sports.

Facebook: RIDECyclingReview
: @ridemediaHQ, #RIDE63

RIDE Cycling Review is published by RIDE Media four times a year.

Thanks to all readers, contributors and advertisers.
Also, specifically:

Trish Allbutt, Louis Arnold, Xavier Arnold, Bruno Bade, Shayne Bannon, Giles Belbin, Keith Bremner, Simon Clarke, John Crouchley, Letitia Davy, Louis Doucet, Elva Dow, Gracie Elvin, Matthew Evans, Mark Gunter, Lisa Jacobs, Chris Langdon, Bradley McGee, Philippa Nott, Alex Morgan, Todd Norbury, Jarrod Partridge, Richie Porte, Christian Prudhomme, Jean-François Quenet, Rob Rixon, Mark Rolls, Gerry Ryan, Nick Squillari, James Startt, Yuzuru Sunada, Graham Watson, our Facebook followers…

Printing: Webstar, Blue Star Group

Proudly produced in Australia


Author: rob@ride

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