Alex Morgan in Mexico

Since his last photo diary entry, Alex Morgan has attended the Mexican round of the UCI Track World Cup in Aguascalientes, raced two 3:55 team pursuits and collected another gold medal. The young world champion continues to document his travels around the world as he’s done for much of the 2013 season. Here are his photos and comments from the interesting few weeks after he finished his high school education.

As he often does, Alex captures not only the cycling elements of his travels. It’s a mix of insights from the countries he’s visited as he races towards a full-time career in the sport and observations of life in places not every bike rider gets to see…


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Photos and captions:  Alex Morgan
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  • Fantastic medal, trophy and jersey. Straight to the Pool Room!

  • Watching others race…

  • The track in Aguascalientes… perfect for some world record rides.

  • More from the infield…

  • Woohoo! It’s always great to come away with the win and know that you and the team are doing all the correct things and moving in the right direction.

  • There’s always plenty going on down in the centre of the track. It’s definitely never dull down there!

  • Carbs, water, and bed. Trying to chill out between the TP qualifying and final.

  • Always miss being able to cook for myself when staying at hotels!

  • Mexican budget child carrier.. Seems safe.

  • Wall-Mart vests. Quite fashionable hey..?

  • Ringside Endurance Team photo.

  • Cactus anyone?

  • Went to Wall-Mart with Mitch and found a giant chip.. If anyone knows what they actually are let me know!

  • More from the Mexican boxing ring…

  • Went to a festival raising money for children with disabilities. Loved the boxing!

  • Team photo with… Mexican Woody?

  • Due to bad weather we were stuck in Dallas for 2 days. Sure made the most of it though, I’m not a huge NBA fan personally but it was awesome to go and watch Dallas play Denver!

  • That’s just one of many trolleys…

  • The moment that racing has finished the pack-up started – a team effort is definitely needed!

  • Bikes in boxes... lots of boxes!

  • Out training around Aguascalientes, not a huge amount to see but there were plenty of dogs around that were ready to give us some sprint training!

  • Riding through Aguascalientes.

  • Pilot Matt Glaetzer preparing for take-off!

  • Entertainment while waiting for a green light... I thought juggling or track standing on a unicycle would be hard enough on their own. Obviously not for these guys!


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