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It seems hard to believe that a rider (Alex Morgan) who was born only seven days after the first-ever individual time trial world championship was contested (in Quito, Ecuador in 1994) is now a world champion. He joined three other young Australians to beat the Brits in ‘their game’ the team pursuit in Minsk, Belarus. We’ve been posting a trail of shots in an online diary. Parts 01 and 02 have been posted about his cycling journey of 2013.

Alex Morgan is an 18-year-old with the world at his feet.

Many topics were discussed prior to agreeing to the photo diary series and one exchange that stands out relates to eating and drinking. Here is a snippet of what will be a larger feature in RIDE #60.


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RIDE: Do you obsess about your weight? Or are you just eating wisely and riding a lot?

Alex Morgan: “For me it’s more about having a good diet and doing good training. I don’t worry about my weight too much, especially being a time trial and track rider – there’s not need to be too concerned because the focus is on going fast. It’s just a case of: eat right, train right for me.”


RIDE: There’s a lot of talk about weight in cycling. Is there a risk for some of the athletes to get into eating disorder territory?

Alex Morgan: “Uh, not really – no. We have that many world-class dieticians around us so if anything like that ever looked like emerging, it would be sorted out very quickly. From what I’ve seen, everyone eats healthy, does the right thing and trains properly which is, in my view, the way to go.”


RIDE: What about booze – what is the team telling you when it comes to drinking? You’ve recently hit 18, are you tempted to go out and have a few beers or does your cycling come first all the time?

Alex Morgan: “Oh, there’s definitely no alcohol at all, especially in the track and road teams I’m in. And I believe this is a really good policy to have; it makes for a really positive environment. There are no temptations or anything. We have the rules and that’s it so it works well.

“Obviously, if I’m on a break from racing I might go out with some mates and have a drink or two but always with limits and nothing silly.”


RIDE: When was the no alcohol policy introduced?

Alex Morgan: “I don’t think it ever really came about formally. I think it was more of an agreement between the riders at the training camp. It’s like an agreement between the riders… but it’s a good agreement to have. Everyone is happy with it and everyone supports it.”



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