Alex Morgan – photo diary (part 07)

This week Alex shares his experiences racing in the UCI 2.2 Olympias Tour in the Netherlands, and then the team’s venture into various Belgium races.  Check out the 18 year old’s scenic shots from the bike, giving us an insight into what it’s like to be part of the Jayco-AIS WTA cycling team.

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Photos and captions: Alex Morgan


“Pictures from our ‘home town’ for the trip- Brussels. It’s such a beautiful city and there’s cobbles everywhere! We stayed about 5km outside of the city.”

“Riding through Gent on a bike path.”


“Riding through Oodenarde.”


“It was one of those days… Pouring rain, freezing cold, windy, multiple punctures. We were all VERY happy to finally get home at the end of that day!”


“Check out the stones!”


“The best part of the ride… The coffee stop. One of everything please!”


“Riding up the famous climb ‘Muur’ from the Tour of Flanders. It sure is bumpy.”


“The machine.”


“Shot from the supporting car in the Olympias Tour.”


“Edmo’s prime sprint prize. He sure picked a good one to win!”


“Unlucky race number for some. Especially me. I crashed and got dropped on stage 1 (first road stage). After chasing all day I didn’t make the time cut. Disappointing to end it so quickly but I’m determined to bounce back stronger.”


“The team race car.”


“Damien Howsen’s podium gift… It sure ain’t the usual cuddly toy!”


“The next round of Belgium racing were all Kermesses. They usually consisted of 15 or more laps of a circuit around and through towns totalling to an approximately 115km race. ‘Prime sprints’ for prize money were usually every lap, ensuring the racing stayed fast and furious.”


“I snapped the fake bit of my tooth off in a one day race in Holland. It was quite an unpleasant few days until I could get into a dentist!”


“A miscellaneous Kermesse picture. We weren’t allowed to race as a national team so we raced in our state institute kits or just used plain black kit.”


“Team mate Miles’ first race and first tumble.”


“2012 NRS Leader Luke Davison celebrating his birthday- most of us didn’t even know until we saw it on Facebook… Social media is good for a few things!”


“One more from Muur- at the top of the climb.”


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