Alex Morgan – photo diary (part 08)

We follow Alex Morgan this week as he travels from Brussels, Belgium to the Cycling Australia base in Castronno, Italy. Now with a focus on the ‘back end’ of the season, Alex hopes to be selected to ride in the U23 World Time Trial in September. The warm and beautiful weather has led to some great shots of the 18 year old’s experience with a new Italian lifestyle and location…

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Photos and captions: Alex Morgan

"Traffic, cobbles and a tram line. I still managed to get a photo without a hassle like a good Melbourne boy."

“Belgium traffic, cobbles and a tram line.”



“Race breakfast?”



“The local fire station set up a full bar on the course of a Kermesse, and they were on duty! I sent this to my dad back in Melbourne who is a fireman himself, and his station thought this was great.”



“Bookies at the bike race! They even track your ‘form’ and you can see if you’re ‘fit’ or not! Always fun to check your odds before the Kermesse start.”



“Last night in Gent, Belgium. We had all you can eat ribs for dinner… Yum.”



“Flying over Switzerland on my way to Milan from Brussels.”



“I was back at the base in Varese solo due to the team being on tour and there wasn’t much to do. Cooking was definitely a highlight.”



“We make our own ride food since there isn’t a great selection of muesli bars here. My special mix includes white rice, brown rice, bananas, honey, raisins, eggs and brown flour. Bake it, cut it into pieces and then wrap in foil to take on the road.”



“The best gelato shop in the world is across the road from our house. On a warm night it’s always packed out.”



“We got stopped whilst training due to a local bike race!”



“Narrow Italian streets.”




“The local sprint section- I wasn’t ready…”



“Our own team autograph cards… cool!”



“A couple of pictures from around the Arona/Stresa area looking onto Lake Maggiore. We had one completely clear day and it was absolutely breathtaking.”



“With multiple 35 degree + days, a short trip to the lake was awesome.”



“At the top of ‘The Basso’. It was quite a brutal climb- the 9.4km took me 34 minutes at an average of 362 watts and 85rpm. Definitely needed the 28t!”



“Varese, our home town. We live about 10km south of it.”



“Climbing in Arona.”



“Yes Caleb, it is on.”

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