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Into the gym with Nino Schurter

Into the gym with Nino Schurter

We often here about how pro cyclists hit the gym, usually at the beginning of the season, to build their core. Nino Schurter talks through his workout as he prepares for another year of racing… if you’re looking for inspiration for training that’s not on the bike, this is a great clip to watch.

“My coach Nicolas Siegenthaler built up a 30 minute indoor circuit with nine different exercises, which require a high level of coordination and balance skills. My goal with this workout is to keep up a very intense level to simulate situations which are very close to race situations. All of the exercises are physically very demanding.

“The exercises are specifically developped to simulate a cross-country race. Even the regeneration exercises simulate real situations in races – like downhills.

“After two power exercises I do one regeneration exercise but here I do not fully relax – like descending on a long section of a trail, I try to balance and activate the same muscle groups.

“I try to even close my eyes when doing these exercises to teach my body to feel what’s going on.”





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