Photos of your bike(s) – Part 01

One week on from the day the PDF from USADA landed with a thud and changed the way people talked about cycle sport forever, RIDE Cycling Review has decided to focus on an aspect of cycling that everyone who rides can appreciate: the beauty of a bike.

On our Facebook page, we are asking readers to submit photos of their bike. The question is simple: What do you ride? Share a photo. Let’s get to know what’s out there.

The early reaction has been fun – an eclectic mix of bikes and a few brief explanations. Here are some examples, starting with what may be a rather obtuse one: a bike that has provided RIDE‘s publisher with more hours of riding enjoyment than any other he has ridden…


Rob Arnold’s Cannondale: “I’ve always had good times on my bikes, but I’ve come to realise that – for all the bikes I’ve ridden and all the places I’ve been – the best cycling moments of my life have happened on this.”


Another early submission came from soon-to-be bike reviewer and contributor to RIDE


Nick Squillari’s Baum: “I cop a fair bit of grief for riding and racing a pink bike, but hey it’s unique and has meaning for me. If nothing else, it’s also a good conversation starter.
Isn’t that part of why we ride?”


The photographer responsible for numerous covershots of RIDE – including the one used for the first issue in 1998 – then sent one of himself, an old jersey and his current bike…


James Startt’s Specialized: “Old School/New School…”


The first bike from inside the pro peloton came from our Kiwi mate Hayden Roulston…


Hayden Roulston’s Trek: “Here you go mate…”


And the first built for the velodrome came from a reader in Sydney…


Gurmesh Singh’s stealth left-turn-only: “This is my new toy for the track!”


The hope is that many more will appear on our Facebook page. “Like” us at, follow us between the release of each issue and join in our daily discussions. But, above all, don’t forget the reasons why you ride – there are many and, like the selection of bikes, they are diverse. Cycling is something for us to enjoy. It might upset us once in a while, even irritate… but we won’t stop riding.

– By Rob Arnold


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Author: rob@ride

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