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The record holder for the brand tested most often in RIDE Cycling Review‘s first 15 years… is Trek! With 15 bike tests we’ve covered a large period of development by the iconic US brand; from the OCLV frames that gave Trek true traction in the road cycling market back in the 1990s to the development of the Madone and onward to the Domane of today. Listed below are the 15 models that have been subjected to reviews (listed in price order, from most expensive to least expensive).

You’ll also find a glimpse of the most recent five Treks reviewed…


Trek’s bike test history in RIDE


Speed Concept 9.9. Reviewed by Alex Malone (RIDE #54).
“The Speed Concept looks extremely neat from the outside and, apart from a multi-cable junction under the BB, everything is tidy inside the frame. Full-length outer is used for the brake and the front derailleur while the rear cable stop is placed behind the crank with a final piece of cable at the dropout. Shifting at the front and back could be an issue if poor quality inners and housing are used but Gore or Shimano will reduce friction to a minimum. Luckily TT shifters use a more powerful mechanism than road levers and they tend to overcome additional friction because of the shifting strength.”



Brand Model Name Price* Issue number Zinio Link Back Issue
Trek Equinox TTX 9.9 SSL $14,999 RIDE #43 Not available Sold out
Trek Madone 6.9 $13,871 RIDE #46 Available #46
Trek Speed Concept 9.9 $11,599 RIDE #54 Available #54
Trek Madone 5.9 $9,999 RIDE #24 Not available Sold out
Trek Domane $8,606 RIDE #57 Available Sold out
Trek OCLV 5500 $8,599 RIDE #17 Not available Sold out
Trek Madone 5.2 $5,999 RIDE #38 Not available Sold out
Trek 5200 US POSTAL $5,599 RIDE #11 Not available Sold out
Trek OCLV 5200 $4,995 RIDE #07 Not available #07
Trek Cronus Pro $4,799 RIDE #51 Available #51
Trek 2300 Alpha $4,400 RIDE #14 Not available Sold out
Trek 5000 $3,499 RIDE #34 Not available #34
Trek 1400 $2,799 RIDE #19 Not available Sold out
Trek VRX $2,599 RIDE #05 Not available Sold out
Trek 1400 $2,199 RIDE #32 Not available #32
*In AUD at the time of the test


Domane. Reviewed by Toby Shingleton. (RIDE #57)
“Assuming you aren’t riding on fresh hotmix it is easy to feel the benefit immediately; only a few pedal strokes into the ride it’s noticeable. The rougher the road gets, the more give you get. Actually, it just feels less bumpy. Over very choppy terrain it can be felt as a slight bobbing action; when you hit a large divot in the road, it really shines.”


Madone 6.9. Reviewed by Toby Shingleton. (RIDE #46)
“Climbing was almost too easy on this bike, and with good reason. Weighing in at 6.6kg, wearing a compact Dura-Ace crankset up front and with the largest sprocket having 28 teeth out the back, I felt like I could almost ride up a wall. However, having ridden some long climbs in the Alps myself in July, I can testify that there is nothing wrong with having a few cogs in reserve for when the going gets steep.”


Equinox TTX 9.9 SSL. Reviewed by Rich Tyler. (RIDE #43).
“The high-end build makes the Equinox TTX 9.9 SSL a serious contender in the time trial stakes and there is little argument that Trek knows what it is doing. With the release of the Cervélo P4 and Scott Plasma, the pointy end of the time trial market is getting even sharper. Regardless of whether one is planning an assault on Hawaii or an equally important assault on a 10km local TT the Equinox will justify its position on the start line.”


Madone 5.2. Reviewed by Cam Whiting. (RIDE #38)
“There are only two quibbles to address before Trek achieves perfection for its huge target market. Magnificent gradient potential is let down by heavy wheels which, like a mono-dimensional party girl at a formal gathering, looks great under the arm of the handsome Trek frame, but adds nothing to the conversation. A set of true lightweight wheels would have a Jekyl and Hyde effect on the 5.2.”


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