The week that was: photos for discussion (wk16)

The TWTW series continues. We’re in the closing days of production of #64 of RIDE Cycling Review and making pages is the priority… but we can always find a few photos worth sharing from the events of the past seven days. Of course we’ve already celebrated Simon Gerrans’ win in Liège-Bastogne-Liège with a great gallery by Wei Yuet Wong. We also spoke to Gerrans, the champion of the 100th edition of The Old Dame…

Oh yeah, and a few details of TT bikes from the prologue of the Tour de Romandie were posted on Wednesday, but here is a collection of photos from the week that may prompt some discussion in your bunch over the weekend.

It was a tragic week in Sydney, where RIDE HQ is based, with another couple of nasty cycling accidents. To the family of those involved: our thoughts are with you. And to everyone, please be careful out there. Be kind to one another. Obey the rules. Give someone a push if they need it. Take an extra turn if you’re feeling strong. Don’t half-wheel. Smile even if you feel angry… and remember to breathe.


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Michael Rogers was back in a race again only four days after being cleared by the UCI from his clenbuterol test in the Japan Cup.
Photo: Wei Yuet Wong


Dan Martin… the defending champion is already asking the ‘what if…’ questions moments after crashing on the final turn of Liège-Bastogne-Liège.
Photo: Yuzuru Sunada


Congrats champ! Simon Gerrans receives a hug from Pieter Weening.
Photo: Yuzuru Sunada


Legs of the first three in LBL… (left to right): Alejandro Valverde, Simon Gerrans and Michal Kwiatkowski.
Photo: Wei Yuet Wong


Consolation or confirmation…? Kwiatkowski takes the first yellow jersey of the Tour de Romandie.
Photo: Graham Watson


Getting ready for the Giro by winning a couple of stages… Michael Hepburn and Brett Lancaster at the front working for Michael Albasini who would win two successive stages in the Tour de Romandie.
Photo: Graham Watson


With ‘Kwiat’ on one extreme, and Froomie on the other… we see Michael Albasini celebrate his second stage win in Romandie.
Photo: Graham Watson


Pop a yellow jersey on him… Albasini after his second stage win.
Photo: Graham Watson


Sign here, sir. Nathan Earle at the start of Romandie’s second stage.
Photo: Graham Watson


Together again… just like old times: lead-out man and sprint maestro on the podium in Turkey – Renshaw and Cavendish.
Photo: Yuzuru Sunada


Rein reigns in Turkey… Taaramae ahead of Yates.
Photo: Yuzuru Sunada


Let’s take the coast road… the Tour of Turkey…
Photo: Yuzuru Sunada


Once again commentary on cycling accidents has the politicians talking about bike riders as though ‘they’ are part of some sub-species of human… ‘they’ do this and ‘they’ do that. Come on people, stop dividing and start uniting!

Author: rob@ride

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