Update on RIDE #65 – publisher’s letter

Effectively it’s “the September issue”. The third edition of our magazine for 2014 is essentially due out now. But, well, we’re running late.

There, it’s out there: an honest admission. The production deadline has come and gone and we’re still making pages. It’s as simple as that.

There are some excuses but that’s not what I want to bore RIDE readers with.

Fact is: your subscription copy isn’t yet in your mailbox. It’s not lost in the post. It just hasn’t been printed… yet.

My hope was that this year’s post-Tour de France edition of RIDE Cycling Review would be out now. Alas, it’s not.




It’s a hectic time of year and things have been a little different at RIDE HQ in 2014. The changes are good ones and we’re doing some new things in some different ways. From a personal perspective, the biggest difference was covering the Tour de France from an entirely new angle. After 16 years of writing the live coverage for the official site, it was time to step outside the box and have a different look around the great race. It was a great change and a reminder that routines – even one that’s lasted as long as my time with LeTour.fr has – can be broken… and an exciting new world is revealed.

The different view offered a fresh perspective and has reminded me how cool cycling is. It’s a great sport and a wonderful thing to do. I’m blessed to be able to make it my job and share my passion with people with equal enthusiasm.

Even though the magazine that’s due out this month hasn’t yet been printed, hopefully you have noticed that we haven’t been idle at RIDE. There are regular features on this site: please take a look around, use the search engine, explore our online features, listen to our interviews, peruse the bike tests, explore our Caffeine Culture locations, and remember the events of the 101st Tour de France.

There are loads of features at ridemedia.com.au and much more yet to come when RIDE #65 is released.


We have been also working on a number of exciting innovations that tap into the changes in reading habits. Of course, RIDE Media was founded on a quarterly review of cycling – thus the name of our main product: RIDE Cycling Review. And the magazine remains our focus. But another difference of 2014 is the addition of more online content. It’s still relatively raw but it offers us an immediacy that is enjoyable as well as being something that’s expected in modern times.

Much has changed since the first issue of RIDE Cycling Review in 1998 and while the printed magazine remains our main product we also recognise the need to adjust to the times and take advantage of the innovation in media.

Thanks to everyone who has offered feedback and commentary on our various social media. (You can find RIDE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube.) We may have a small team but we enjoy sharing what we do and see with our growing community – and it’s a pleasure to be able to do so quickly.

Cycling brings us together. It’s not always possible to find the time to do all we’d like, but we’ve been enjoying the ride between issues.


There has been logic to our release times and generally we come close to the target date… although, honestly, the magazine is generally on sale one week later than our hope. This time, it’s going to be a couple of weeks.

To those listening out for the thud when RIDE lands in your letterbox, sorry that hasn’t happened yet.

The equivalent issue from 2013 – the third one for the year – was in shops on 12 September. In 2014, it’s going to be around the last week of September.



RIDE Cycling Review – #03 in the UK and #65 in Australia…


One big change for 2014 is a new partnership with a UK publisher. RIDE #65 coincides with the release of the fourth UK edition of RIDE Cycling Review – rounding out the first year of publication for our licensed British edition. The collaboration between RIDE Media with Pro Sport Publishing is a good one and we’re proud that our content is now being read by a larger audience than ever before.

The content is largely the same (with a few minor amendments in the early editions). Until now, however, the release dates and covers have been different for the Australian and UK magazines. We are now going to take advantage of the changes of 2014 – and the fact that we’re running a little late – and get our dates in sync and make the cooperation even more effective.


Finally, we are also refining the processes for the e-version of our magazine. You can already buy every issue of RIDE since late-2009 (via the Zinio Newsstand) and, as of RIDE #65, it will also be available as an app.


Thanks for taking the time to read up on a bit of housekeeping and for your understanding and patience with regard to the release date of the upcoming edition. Please let your riding mates know that RIDE’s September issue is due soon. I look forward to receiving your feedback on what we do.





Rob Arnold, Publishing Editor



Author: rob@ride

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