Veeral Patel’s favourite photos of 2013

At the end of the season we asked a number of RIDE‘s contributing photographers for their favourite images of 2013. This is part five of the series, a lovely selection of photos by the ever-enthusiastic Veeral Patel.

Click on the photo of Chris Froome on the final turn of the Tour de France stage to Mont Ventoux (below) for 10 of Veeral’s favourites from a most interesting season…


  • The infamous last corner on Mont Ventoux... another stage win in the 100th Tour de France for Chris Froome who strengthened his hold on the yellow jersey.

  • The true beauty of Corsica was unveiled during the third stage of the 2013 Tour de France. It was one of those rare opportunities to witness the jagged martian-like surface against the tranquil blue backdrop of the Mediterranean.

  • One of my personal favourites has always been framing breakaway riders with the energy of the crowd and, if I am lucky, framing in a helicopter as well.

  • Some sprints are won by the width of a cat\\\'s whisker and the duel between Andre Greipel and Marcel Kittel in stage 10 at the Tour de France was no exception. Even for a photographer jostling for a clean line of sight is a gamble but to walk away with a photograph that illustrates a close sprint finish is priceless.

  • Excited fans dressed up as their favourite characters may ruin photos for other photographers but I love incorporating them into my images. Personally, I believe it adds drama and energy to the scene. Of course it\\\'s a lot harder to frame but that\\\'s the challenge.

  • During the three editions of the Tour de France that I have photographed, I have always come across a group of Norwegian fans. In this case during the stage on Alpe d\\\'Huez the Norwegian corner, was on par with the infamous Dutch Corner.

  • It was shear luck to have photographed Rui Costa on his way to the victory in stage 19 of this year\\\'s Tour de France… of course he went on to win the world championships road race at the end of the season.

  • Photographing a bike race is much like a race to the finish line, it\\\'s all about position. One of the challenges for a non-French speaking photographer is to convince someone to give you access to their balcony for the perfect vantage point. This was no exception, to be given a glorious view of Lake Annecy.

  • The final stage of the Tour de France is always special because you as a photographer have the opportunity to stand in the middle of Champs-Elysées. This year the evening race was nothing short of being spectacular.

  • Every race has it\\\'s icon. The Tour has the diabolo and Tour Down Under has the yellow Teletuby. Photographing the Teletuby in the midst of the action is one of my favourite photographic opportunities when photographing races in Australia.


*Intro to the series: As we ride towards the end of 2013, RIDE Media will be publishing a collection of images from some of our valued contributors. We asked some of our regular photographers to send a selection of shots from the season with a little explanation of what makes the photo special. While some of the images in these galleries may have been published in RIDE Cycling Review (or elsewhere) beforehand, this is our way of saying farewell to 2013 and thanks for the memories. There were some special moments throughout the season and I think you’ll agree that these photos capture the spirit of cycling.

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Author: rob@ride

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