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What’s your cycling inspiration?

What’s your cycling inspiration?

It’s been said before but we’ll say it again… why do we ride? Because you can! The next issue of RIDE Cycling Review will feature a story about ‘bikepacking’ by Nicholas Legan. It’s a reminder about the joy that can be found by combining a bike ride and a few days of leisure to discover a place (and yourself).

Legan writes about the pleasure that can come from riding the road less travelled and doing so without any intention of winning anything. He surmises that the rewards that come from cycling are plentiful and it doesn’t have anything to do with trophies or prize money or pro contracts. And his story includes a pertinent reminder of what make cycling special:

“And here’s the thing, this gravel and adventure movement will only continue to grow. Why? Because fun will always be relevant. Competitive urges may ebb and flow. High-vis colourways will soon fade away. But cyclists are always looking for a good time on their bikes. Whether you bask in solitude or revel in a raucous group ride, a smile is a smile.”


As we speed towards an event in Rio which is bound to inspire us (for vastly different reasons than what Legan talks about), it’s worth taking a moment to step back and ask ourselves: what do we want from our cycling?

One answer has already been issued: because fun will always be relevant.




This is an interesting time for cycling.

We are fresh off a considerable bout of racing action from the Tour de France, Ride London, Clasica San Sebastian and other events around Europe and it won’t be long before we’re reminded about the beauty of track cycling.

The official ‘transfer season’ is now active, with teams able to announce new signings (as of 1 August) and there is bound to be a glut of news in the coming days, weeks and months.

We now know, for example, that a formidable Czech rider who has a long family history of success in cycling will be racing for an Australian registered team in 2017. Roman Kreuziger joins Orica-BikeExchange next year and the 30-year-old is bound to be an asset for the organisation that is shifting focus during its fifth season in the WorldTour.

It all adds up to an exciting few months of the year when inspiration is high and the days (in Australia) are getting longer and the weather warmer.

We all ride for different reasons and we appreciate the beauty of cycling – whether its while on the saddle or on the lounge.

We like to cheer for our favourite riders or read about the shenanigans from inside the pro peloton or get out there on the roads (or off them) and appreciate the simple act of pedalling. We ride and we like it.


There’s quite a span of time between issues of our magazine, RIDE Cycling Review, at this time of the year but that’s because of several factors: there’s the production of our ‘Fifth Issue’ – the Official Tour de France Guide (Australian edition) – and the annual trip to the world’s biggest race (and a range of associated stories); there’s been the dalliance with new media and a most enjoyable collaboration with Cycling Maven; there’s the process of collating all the review bikes and test product for the next issue; there’s the arrival of an exciting new recruit in the RIDE office… and a whole lot more.

There’s always a lot going on in the small workspace of RIDE Media HQ and it’s always good to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures in life.

In the coming weeks we’ll be putting the finishing touches to the 73rd edition of RIDE (and spending a fair bit of time in front of the television watching what unfolds in a range of disciplines in Rio). And we’ll also be getting and there “in solitude”, “in a raucous group ride” and we’ll be doing so because we like to ride – and we like to smile.


Be sure to stay in touch and share your thoughts as we steer our way towards Spring. Let us know what you’d like to see in the next issue, what inspires you about cycling, and why it is that you ride.


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