Rob Arnold interviewed by Cycling Maven

On the day #RIDE71 went to press the publisher of RIDE Media, Rob Arnold, was in Melbourne. He caught up with Mark Ferguson the man behind the YouTube channel ‘Cycling Maven’.

Mark Ferguson has been posting a video per day (on average) for some time now. His regular ‘Vlogs’ are usually a little over 10 minutes long and while cycling is a prevalent theme, he insists that there’s more to it than that alone. He rides. He talks. And from his daily experiences come interesting clips that are well worth watching.

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Ferguson’s interview with Arnold is over 20 minutes long but it covers a range of themes, from why RIDE Cycling Review began, to why track cycling should be more popular… and quite a bit more.

If you’ve got 25 minutes to spare, click ‘Play‘ and have a look at Cycling Maven‘s interview with RIDE‘s publisher…


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Author: rob@ride

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