Help Fight hGH Abuse

In RIDE#48 we published an article on Australia’s role in the development of tests to fight human growth hormone (hGH) abuse for performance enhancement. Now you can get involed…

A study funded by the Australian Federal Government’s Anti-Doping Research Program and run by leading hGH researcher, Jennifer Wallace, will be kicking-off in 2010. Participants will need to be male and aged between 21 and 40, they must also ride around four times per week and be generally fit and healthy.

Subjects will be receiving hGH so elite riders are inelligable and the duration of the study is six weeks. Only dedicated, responsible applicants will be considered and each will get a free VO2max test and body composition analysis.

If you’re serious about clean sport, contact Jennifer Wallace at

Sample – First two pages of seven pages.


Author: design@ride

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