Alex Morgan – photo diary (part 06)

This Friday Alex Morgan shares with us a behind-the-scenes look at the Jayco-AIS World Tour Academy Team’s experience racing in Azerbaidjan. The Tour d’Azerbaidjan is a UCI 2.2 road race that covers a gruelling course over 700km in five days. Below are a collection of shots that give some insight into what the team got up to before and after their races each day…

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Photos and captions: Alex Morgan

“Where exactly in the world were we? I had to check myself as I had no idea…”


“Just a few shots of some of the scenery around Baku.”


“Our first ride in Azerbaijan with the Baku Cycling Project team. It was quite challenging switching to the other side of the road and then also having to deal with the crazy traffic.”

“First thing my roommate Miles Scotson (@MilesScotson) does when we arrive at the hotel is strip down and put this on! Comfort is key I suppose…”

“The view from our hotel just outside Baku complete with oil rigs just off shore and an unswimmable beach (we found out that one after Miles was dragged out of the water by security…)”

“Team shot.”


“The team presentation in Baku. Huge crowd and media everywhere!”


“All piled in the van on the drive home from the teams presentation. It was the craziest traffic I’ve ever been in, the police are ignored as much as the road rules are. We even got sideswiped which was most likely our crazy driver’s fault- he wasn’t that keen on using the brake..”


“Speaking of which, here is our crazy driver! He may not have been the safest but we were always one of the first teams to the start of stages.”


“Another official bunch ride for all riders the day before racing. They closed two lanes of the main highway and gave us a police escort! The desert and oil wells everywhere was nothing like I have ever experienced.”


“Racing action shot.”

“I got just a little bit sunburnt after stage 2…”


“Getting a massage from our super-soigneur Matt Excell- not as relaxing as they sound…”

“Post stage 2 recovery snack, Azerbaijan-style.”


“Mountains race hotel- very nice!”

“Just a few of the sights on the way to a stage…”




“Riding to the final stage in Baku to sign on for the race.”

“After our final ride in Azerbaijan- cleaning the bikes.”

“All clean and ready to be packed away. It’s not so fun travelling with all our gear- 11 bike boxes plus bags… We’re not the most popular at check-in.”

“Airport time! Off to Belgium. It was a great five day stage tour and super hard first race together, right in the deep end. The boys did a great job just to survive and we all learnt a lot for the next phase of our trip- Belgium racing!”

“What happens when there’s six very bored boys and the coach leaves his bag unattended…”


“….And this is what happens when I go to help with the check-in. Rookie error!”


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