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Around the Bay  is well known amongst Australian cyclists and for good reason, with a maximum option of 250km, it is a monument of Australia’s emerging cyclosportive scene. Alex and I took part in the 3 Peaks Challenge earlier in the year and while Alex’s racing takes him all around the country and competing over those distances regularly, the experience in March was  a new (and unrepeated) experience for me.

What separates Around the Bay from 3 Peaks though is the diversity of options offered by Bicycle Victoria and the accessibility of the course to all riders. From 50 to 250km there is a challenge on offer that everyone can make their goal. Furthermore having it in Melbourne allows more riders to get to the event and the flatter, more familiar terrain makes the parcours less daunting.

Okay, maybe only slightly less daunting. Check out the map for the 250km event (which is unfortunately SOLD OUT). That is a long day in the saddle!


There is a 210km option as well which forgoes Portarlington:


The 135km leaving from Geelong still involves the ferry:


And then the 50km ride is is available and goes over Westgate Bridge twice, heading from Melbourne to Altona and back again.



Best of luck to all riders on the day. Events like these get more people on their bikes, out on the road and struck by the cycling bug. If I can offer any advice from the 3 Peaks it would be this: eat and drink frequently; when on the road, don’t over-work in a group that is too fast for your pace; if you think you might need the rain jacket, take it, the day is just too long for you to be riding for hours wishing for an article of clothing.

19 Days to Go!


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