Ask RIDE…3 Peaks Challenge #5

The final week before the big day and I got through the last weekend of training. I will assume any of you riding the 3 Peaks Challenge completed a solid couple of days of riding because that was our last chance! All the hard kilometres have been done so take it easy this week, rest up and ensure you stay healthy and get plenty of sleep. Compared to the past few weeks of training this will be a breeze. Throw in some coffee stops throughout the week to keep things relaxed. Here are some suggestions for this weeks riding. Feel free to do a little bit of intensity on a couple of the days just to open up the lungs but don’t do anything too strenuous – all the work has been done so enjoy this week of easy riding.

Monday: 1 hour

Tuesday: 2 hours

Wednesday: 2 hours

Thursday: 1.5 hours

Friday: 1 hour

Saturday: 1 hours

Sunday: RIDE time!



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