Ask RIDE…How do I maintain Speedplay pedals?

I have recently swapped to Speedplay Zero pedals after many years using other brands, they are great but I’m having some problems clipping in after it’s been raining. I want to know if there is something I should be doing to either the cleat or the pedal to make sure they stay smooth all the time?

Francis M.

Speedplay pedals are a great system but they require a little bit of maintenance to keep them running properly. Zero cleats use a metal engagement spring instead of most that are integrated into the pedal. Pedals rarely touch the ground so for the most part they remain free of contaminants and do not need a lot of attention. The cleat on the other hand can take a beating because this is the part which needs to be kept clean and well lubed for proper function. Be mindful each time you step off the bike not to walk in mud or other surfaces as they can jam the spring from engaging and releasing.

Here are two of the most important tips for keeping your Speedplay pedals and cleats in tip-top condition.

speedplayRemove the small screw on the outside of pedal and use a grease gun to pump fresh grease into body. The old grease will be pushed out near the spindle, wipe off and re-install the screw. Note: Do not clean your pedals with a pressure sprayer because this can destroy the lubrication for the bearings.

speedplay_1Clean the base of the shoe around the metal spring with either a rag or small brush. Apply a few drops of oil to the metal spring and base plate.

Cleaning and lubrication of the cleat can be done every couple of weeks or when the weather has been bad. The pedals should be lubed every few thousand kilometres or sooner if you frequently ride in adverse conditions.

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