Ask RIDE…What rim do I need?

Can you replace a 2008 Mavic Ksyrium ES rim that has cracked around one of the nipple holes, with a 2010 Mavic Ksyrium Elite rim? Both rear.


Hi Robert,

I passed your question onto one of the technical people from Mavic in Australia. They came back with this answer about replacing the rim. One thing to be aware of is the cost involved in this process, as it may exceed the original value of the wheelset. You may be better off looking at purchasing a new pair of wheels.

“After a very thorough investigation,  it is possible. The rim profile is similar and spoke fore drilling is the same. So, yes, it can be done. I don’t believe the Elite rim is any stronger than the SL rim, which is what I suspect Robert is trying to achieve.”

mavic001pPHOTO: Yuzuru Sunada.


Tim Maquardt, Groupe Sportif.

Author: design@ride

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