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I have been interested in power data for quite a while and it seems like a number of companies are evolving the standard crank meter to one that is integrated into the pedal. Could you explain the benefits of such a system? And is the data more reliable/accurate?


Hi Craig. There is a couple of systems in the ‘works’ which use the pedal as the collection point for power data. One of those – MetriGear – was recently acquired by Garmin and has been slated for a mid-2011 release. Speedplay will be the first pedal brand to have the unit fitted with other brands possibly released in the future. Justin McCarthy from Garmin can tell us more about what they have planned for us.

Thanks for your interest in MetriGear Craig,

There are several benefits of computing power based upon measurements taken from the pedals. It has the potential to simplify the purchase and user experience for adding power to the bike. Just buy a pair of pedals and a ANT+ head unit and you are ready to go. There are no specific mechanical requirements and the system can be easily moved between bikes. Measuring at the man-machine interface on the bike (the pedal and shoe), the system has the ability to capture additional data about how a cyclist produces power such as left and right power distribution. Measuring at the pedal does not automatically result in more accurate data – that comes down to the particular implementation. But we intend to provide one of the most accurate and affordable system to date.

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Justin is the Media Relations Officer for Garmin International. Follow MetriGear’s progress on Twitter

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