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Last week I told you how Alex and I were going to take on the 240km, 3 Peaks Challenge on Sunday 13 March. Well it has been a week and while my Monday to Friday routine is not yet up to pre-Christmas intensity, the weekend provided me with the perfect opportunity to do a couple of longer rides to try to regain some of my endurance.

In Sydney, the ‘Gorges ride’ (4 Gorges, 3 Gorges…whatever your bunch calls it) is a 120km loop from the Sydney CBD that takes you through, as the names would suggest, three (or four) ‘gorges’ to the north of the city – Galston being the only actual gorge, I think.

Anyway, the ride pretty much works like this: Galston Gorge – I go pretty much as fast up it as I can, Berowra Waters – steady and I try to keep the power constant on the SRM and finally Bobbin Head – high cadence spin.


Click image to look at the full TrainingPeaks file.

My bunch had about 12 people and we had seven punctures. Not great luck, really. Nevertheless, long steady kilometres are vital if you are going to get through 240km. Your weekly regime may get you speed up the climbs but the fitness you need has to be able to carry you back down the climb and up another one or two. Use every weekend from now until the event to squeeze as many kilometres (or hours) out of the day as possible.

After waiting while people were fixing their punctures I thought it would be worthwhile mentioning that practice at changing tubes is vital.There won’t always be someone else around to assist you so make sure you’re familiar with the process. If the weather is anything like last year, you will not want to have to stand in the cold wrestling with a tyre while everyone else passes you by. Alex can get tyres off with just his thumbs (no joke) whereas I need two tyre levers – just make sure you know what you’re doing come the 13th!

Another thing occurred to me on the weekend: the need for appropriate lenses in your sunglasses. The descents on the ride will require you to wear glasses so that you don’t start crying uncontrollably on the bike! If it is overcast you will need a lighter lens…start thinking about this now. Remember to bring a set of glasses/lenses for sunny and overcast conditions: put it on your list!


Not long now!


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