Ask RIDE…3 Peaks Challenge #6

Hey everyone,

Who is excited about the weekend? Or maybe like me, slightly, okay completely aprehensive about 235km in the Victorian Alps?

Well, come Sunday it will be just you and the road. I am not sure what to expect, save for pain and hours in the saddle. I thought that the penultimate post should include some of the things Alex and I will be taking down, so you don’t forget them!

First up, a course profile. You’ve seen the pro’s carry this sort of map on them during a stage to know where they are, so get yours ready today. Here is the link


Then make sure you check out the schedule with approximate times. Check this here

Also, lights ARE COMPULSORY. Remember last year: the rain, cold, low visibility – lights are essential. As is food. Make sure you have some different sources of energy because you could get sick of gels very quickly.


Thanks for reading and enjoy the race. Please come up and say hi if you see us around!


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