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The gran fondo. In Italy these are the biggest events of the year for thousands of cyclists (including semi-pro’s) who compete against other riders from all over the world to complete gruelling routes over mountains and across pavé. Gran Fondo Gino Bartali, Nove Colli, Gran Fondo Michele Bartoli; in France, Etape du Tourand in Australia, The 3 Peaks Challenge. Perhaps not as romantic in name, but every bit as testing in nature.

On Sunday 13 March, Alex and I are going to take on the Victorian Alps and over the next 5 weeks will be updating you on how our preparation for the event is going. You can expect Garmin data with heart rate so you can see how hard we are working, there will be SRM read outs as well and then some tips on other aspects of the preparation for the big day.

Today, the first step in preparation: what you need to pack. On the 3 Peaks site there is a list of things that you must bring. From the website:

The following items are compulsory for all riders participating to wear or carry. We will have marshals at the start line checking that you have these items as you will be putting yourself and other riders at risk without them. It is up to you to take responsibility for your own equipment. Carrying these items will make your day much easier if you run into trouble.

  • Helmet - this must be roadworthy and Australian Standard Approved
  • Rider Bib
  • Front and Rear Lights – for dark, wet or foggy conditions
  • Rain Jacket
  • Arm Warmers or a Long Sleeve Jersey
  • Leg Warmers – we do not recommend long length knicks as you may get too hot on the ascents
  • Full Length Gloves
  • 2 x Drink Bottles - stop at every aid station to fill one up with Powerade and the other with water. Drink all fluids in your biddons between each aid station.
  • Puncture repair kit - including 2 x spare tubes, 3 x tyre levers, tools and mini pump or air cylinders
  • Food – while we provide food along the way, it is important that you address your carbohydrate requirements and take enough food to satisfy these. Please also note that the Rider Valet Service is available for you to pick your own food up along the route.

Now I bet you’re reading this and thinking, ‘there is no way I will need all that stuff. Its in March, it won’t be that cold.’ Yes, but what happened last year tells me this list shouldn’t be ignored.

2010-3-peaks__falls-creek-finish-1389-webIt was wet and cold. And cyclists had to endure 230km of it! So look at the list and make sure you have all of it now. If you are short of a few items go to your local bike shop and pick them up. Drop your bike off while you are they and get a mechanic to give it a once over to make sure it is in top condition for the event.


Of 1,275 starters, 718 finished the 230km event and 227 finished the 115km in freezing conditions through wind and rain. So start getting prepared and check next week’s post for updates on our training.

To register for the 3 Peaks Challenge, enter here.

As always, email your questions to and we can provide an answer!


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