Ask RIDE…Is there a way to make a 2010 Giant Trinity UCI-compliant?

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Have a 2010 non-UCI legal Giant Trinity TT I had for triathlons, and now want to move into road cycling events where I have to worry about UCI compliance. I have missed the date to exchange frame back with Giant, as I didn’t care at the time. Now that I do, is there a way of rectifying the bike to meet the rules?


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the question. We forwarded this on to Giant and Martin Clucas (Marketing Manager) promptly sent this reply:

Unfortunately the answer to this consumer’s question is no, there is nothing that can be done to rectify their 2010 Trinity Advanced SL frame module to comply with the change in UCI regulations imposed last year. Both the main frame and the front handlebar stem assembly were ruled to be in-breach of the new regulations.

As the consumer correctly points out, at the time of this ruling Giant offered a replacement program for any consumer who had purchased a 2010 Trinity Advanced SL and was competing in UCI sanctioned events. Unfortunately the replacement program closed end of June last year.

For 2011 models the main frame on all Trinity’s is the UCI compliant version, however original spec is still with the non-UCI compliant front handlebar stem assembly (this is the most aerodynamic set-up and as the majority of these bikes are sold into the triathlon market this is what they are after). We do however offer a UCI compliant front end as an aftermarket purchase for consumers wanting to compete in UCI sanctioned events.

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If you have further questions relating to the Trinity SL module, contact Giant Australia directly. I would add though, in Sydney there are time trial events put on that do not require a bike to be UCI-compliant. Check out for more info on these races.

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Keep those questions coming.


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