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Yesterday Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore defended the city’s bike lanes in the Sydney Morning Herald, comparing the public objection over the lanes to the resistance that city planner George Clarke encountered when barring cars from Martin Place in 1971. What was most interesting about this article is the interest that it generated online.


By 12:30pm on Wednesday the article was Tweeted 79 times, had 266 comments and the accompanying poll had received over 10,000 votes. By contrast, at the same time an article on the carbon tax had less comments (198) and fewer Tweets (41). For all the passion about the carbon tax that has been portrayed in the media over the last few weeks, the issue of bicycle lanes in the city seems to equally attract people’s attention.



Even Cadel Evans tweeted the article:

cadel-bike-lanesIt is clear reading the comments though, that as cyclists our behaviour as individuals relfects on us as a whole. People’s experience with one cyclist influences their opinion of every other rider they come across. I know as well as the next cyclist that showing respect doesn’t get you respect on the road, and the fact is there are just some psychotic people out there behind the wheel, but I implore all of you to be courteous to all other road users, fellow cyclists included.

Thanks for reading and safe riding.


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