Ask RIDE…The mornings are getting colder…

We have been doing Ask RIDE for three months now. Rob, Toby, Shane, Alex and myself have been having a great time responding to your questions but with a change in the seasons, I want to ask you all a question: Do you have any unique ways of dealing with the winter months?

Do you warm your socks in the morning by putting them on the heater? Do you wear your knicks to bed because it’s too cold to change in the morning? I would love to hear how you keep the motivation and riding up in the winter!

I am already riding with a long sleeve jersey in Sydney and cop a fair share of flack from my mates for it (“but I am just so lean from training” I reply). However, I find that if I don’t rug up I will certainly get sick – cue more slanderous claims of laziness from friends while I cough up a lung in bed!

I know everyone is different with how they cope with the cold so let us know. It would be great to get some feedback from around the country and even better if we can get some international perspective as well (where it is actually cold).

****The best Australian entry will win some Rapha Winter Embrocation cream to help with the chill.****

Send your winter warmth remedies to

Get writing and stay warm!


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