Ask RIDE…What counts in a bike weight?


When a pro takes their bike to get weighed, what counts as the bike weight? This may sound like a stupid question but does is a bike computer included?




This isn’t a stupid question at all. We all know that a bike must not weigh less than 6.8kg – the exact ruling is stipulated under artice 1.3.019. You can check out the UCI Constitution here if you want to see some of the other rules. The minimum weight includes the whole bike, with all componentry attached (SRM, Garmin, race number). In fact a lot of the professionals bikes will be built slightly under 6.8kg so that accessories such as cages and computers can be fitted without going to far over the weight limit.

The complete bike weight that appears in RIDE is calculated using the scales below after each individual component has been weighed on a smaller bench top scale.




Alex’s bike with a training setup – full water bottle and a packed spares pod – has a bit more weight to it than when he races. However, with his regular training tyres, liners and thorn-proof tubes he insists it is heavier.  For important races, he tries to get the weight down as much as possible by changing the wheels, skewers and swapping to a SRAM Red cassette.


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