Ask RIDE…What do you suggest for 4-10 degree mornings?

Dear RIDE,

With mornings getting pretty chilly in Sydney of late, I’m finding that even on fast paced bunch rides my usual jersey + arm warmers + wind vest aren’t quite up to the task while my heaver winter jacket (windproof fleece) is far too hot. What do the RIDE staff suggest for 4-10 degree mornings?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the question. This is a common problem and one that different cyclists deal with in their own way. While I have friends who will always dress on the minimal side, I much prefer to dress to stay warm – riding while cold always leads to illness for me! What you need to consider is I do get quite cold so tend to wear a couple more things than my friends.

My choice for a 4-10 degree morning (no rain!):

  • Winter socks
  • Winter tights
  • Warm undershirt/singlet
  • Jersey
  • Long sleeve jersey
  • Winter Jacket (windproof fleece)
  • Winter Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Cap


“That’s alot”, you’re thinking! Yes it is and it might not be appropriate for you but there are a few items listed that can make a huge difference. Winter gloves: I use a pair of Assos winter gloves – I highly recommend them. If you’re looking at a pair, check for long gloves that extend past the wrist so that it can overlap a jersey/arm warmers blocking off any chilly wind. Scarf: this is by far the most useful part of my wardrobe. Nothing makes a bigger difference to warmth than this and I also feel when my neck is warm I don’t get sick in winter. I have an Etxeondo 3-in-1 riding headband/scarf/beanie pictured below. If I ever think I am overheating it is usually the first to come off….and then the first to go back on when I reach the café! Cap: covering your head makes a massive difference to the amount of heat being lost from your body. Even a simply cycling cap will keep you warmer though if you still find yourself getting cold, a winter-specific cap will sort you out. These are fleeced on the inside and will often integrate ear covers in the design. I tried an Assos winter cap that appeared in Issue #52 and will definitely be buying one in the next month or two. UNDERSHIRT: If you don’t already wear an undershirt, go out and get one this weekend from the bike shop! I never ride without an undershirt. Why? I find that if the first fabric worn is warm then the other layers can be more of a shell rather than insulation which, if you don’t have a winter jacket, can save some money for you. Also, jackets can sometimes chafe or iritate if they are made of a stiffer fabric than what you’re used to wearing and an undershirt can ensure that you stay comfortable.

I hope this helps Andrew, and if you ever see someone riding in RIDE Kit with a scarf on you’ll know who it is!

Thanks for reading,


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