ASK RIDE…What is the best entry level road shoe?

I have been looking at road shoes at the lower end of the market for some time and can’t seem to decipher all the marketing Jargon that goes with these products. can you clarify for me what would be a good shoe of a new roadie with a Shimano pedal set up.


Choosing the “best” road shoe for your purpose does not involve a particular brand, model or price point. It’s about the fit of the shoe. If I was in need of a new pair of running shoes I wouldn’t bother browsing the mass of shoe manufacturers websites to find what I needed. I would go straight to a shoe store which specialised in running shoes and talk to the staff – assuming they are knowledgable – and ask them for advice. Try on a number of styles, brands and even price points and then make a decision based on fit, comfort and the guidance of the sales staff.

Find a store which has staff who know their products and go in and ask them for advice. A good sales person will not just try and sell you the most expensive item on the shelf. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to try and plenty of pairs until you find what you want. If the shoe feels right, then it probably is. The size and shape of your foot will determine the which is the most appropriate shoe. So, go in to your local bike shop, ask questions, try them on and go from there.


Alex Malone  is Technical Editor and staff writer for RIDE Cycling Review.

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