Ask RIDE…Which TT helmets are Australian approved?

Can you give me the names of Time Trial helmets that pass Australian Standards?

Thanks, Sebastian

Hey Sebastian,

In short, if you are in your local bike shop and a helmet is for sale, it should have the Australian Standards sticker on the inside – that helmet can then be worn while racing anywhere in the country.

Whenever I think of TT helmets, three brands come to mind: Specialized, Giro and Lazer. These are the ones I see most on the road and those that I have some experience with. So a brief description of those three products.

Specialized TT2 Helmet
specialized-tt2The TT offering from Specialized comes in two sizes (XS/S and M/L) and has an easy one-hand adjustment retention mechanism. Specialized helmets always have great ventilation and the design of this model ensures you won’t overheat when racing against the clock. Available in the two colours above.

RRP: $399

Giro Advantage 2

This is where the issue of Australian Standards approved helmets is important. Giro have two TT helmets, the Selector and the Advantage 2 BUT only the Advantage 2 is available in Australia and legal in competition. The bike shop is a must with helmets since sizing equates to safety, but with TT helmets especially you will need to go in and get someone to assist you. Available in 3 sizes (S, M & L) in four colours.

RRP: $329



Lazer Tardiz

I must confess that I am a massive fan of Lazer helmets. They just fit me really well and the adjustment system in the Tardiz is the same as in other road models. The roll bar at the top of the helmet allows for one-hand adjustments easily while out on the road and tightens/loosens the whole inside of the helmet. It comes in two sizes and is available in a variety of colours.

RRP: $329

lazer-tardis-blacklazer-tardis-bluelazer-tardis-redHope this helps but the best option is to go into your local bike shop and try them on!


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