RIDE #56 Caffeine Culture – Brisbane: Mt Glorious

Mount Glorious & Mount Nebo

Departs from:
The corner of Settlement Road and Waterworks Road, The Gap. Head north for the tough Mount Glorious climb, or head west for the easier Mount Nebo ascent.

Distance: The complete loop from The Gap is around 60km, but many people will just tackle the ride as an out-and-back, heading from The Gap, up Nebo and back down for around 40km.

Difficulty: Riding this loop in an anti-clockwise direction is tough and you’ll want to be fairly strong to enjoy the climb up from Samford Valley. Tackling this ride the other way, ascending Nebo first, is the more popular route as the climb is more gradual with a better road surface.

Notes: You’ll find good coffee on Mount Glorious at Maiala Tea House, the Elm Haus Cafe and Mount Glorious Restaurant, but check the opening hours before banking on it. Nebo’s Boombana Cafe is another great place to refuel. The doors were shut when we rolled by, but apparently the burgers are tremendous.

Total distance: 63816 m
Max elevation: 546 m
Min elevation: 16 m
Total climbing: 1816 m
Total descent: -1800 m


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