Caffeine Culture. Sydney, Coluzzi – Saturday

The Saturday Coluzzi bunch route can be downloaded to your Garmin by clicking on the map image*. It’s a great ride to do with or without the ‘Coluzzi bunch’ but it’s advisable to leave early and travel in a group as the route travels along Southern Cross Drive – a busy Sydney motorway.

This particular map is from the longer ride to Waterfall and then back through the National Park. Upon reaching Waterfall, a group will turn left and descend into the National Park for a loop with a few extra kilometres (as shown in map below). Be advised there is no water spot until Sutherland. Most riders will take two bidons for this ride but the real ‘hard’ riders only carry one (500ml). There’s no legitimate reason for doing this but each to their own. It’s always better to have a little more than not enough. Riders should take care as sections of the road are often wet due to areas of thick tree cover. One at the bottom the group turns left again and begin the first of three climbs before arriving in Surtherland. The final one is steep and will test your endurance but it’s not very long and once at the top, it’s basically flat roads to the city. The pace varies on the climbs depending on the composition of the bunch. Attempts are made to keep everyone together but if you get ‘dropped’ don’t stress too much. Keep riding with a minor sense of urgency because while the bunch regroups at the Sutherland service station it doesn’t wait for long. There’s plenty of other groups coming through there if you turn up after the group has departed.

A group will also turn around at Waterfall and do a u-turn back along the outgoing road. A paceline forms along the Princess Hwy to Sutherland where the bunch regroups for the ride into the city. This is approximately 85km with the return to Coluzzi.

Departs from: Bar Coluzzi, 322 Victoria St, Darlinghurst, 6:20am. (It’s advisable to get there a few minutes early because it’s near impossible to catch up if running late).

Distance: Saturday, 85-100km

Average speed: Various – 35-40km/h.

Difficulty: Hard.

Notes: The Coluzzi bunch is one for strong, competent bunch riders. It moves very quickly and is a tightly run ship comprised of riders who are largely well known to each other. Naturally, then, it can be a little tough for new riders to join the bunch without feeling a left on the outer. Your best option if you’re looking to join this bunch is to do so with a friend who is already a Coluzzi regular or through your local club.

Saturday Coluzzi

Click on image to download map from Garmin Connect

*A username and password is required for those wanting to transfer the course information to their Garmin head unit.

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