Caffeine Culture. Sydney, Coluzzi – Tuesday & Thursday

The Tuesday and Thursday Coluzzi bunch route can be downloaded to your Garmin by clicking on the map image (below)*. Tuesday and Thursday are run along an identical route and leaving from Coluzzi at 6:20am. It’s a great ride to do with or without the actual ‘Coluzzi bunch’ but it’s always advisable to leave early and travel in a group as the route travels along Southern Cross Drive – a busy Sydney motorway.

This particular ride travels through Brighton, along the waterline of Dolls Point before crossing Taren Point Bridge and heading toward Cronulla. The pace is generally moderate but there is a sprint point mid way through the ride. First-timers should take an observers position before getting amongst the sprint on a follow-up ride. There is no paceline but the speed will remain steady back through to the city. Riders will take turns at the front in pairs. As in all bunch rides, keep the pace smooth when doing a turn on the front. This doesn’t mean riding slowly but ensuring you don’t surge too much or sprint when taking off from traffic lights is vital. If not, havoc is caused for those at the rear who will be having to perform multiple sprints throughout the ride. With plenty of vocal regulars, they’ll be sure to let you know when doing the wrong thing.

There is an option to extend the ride to Waterfall before returning to the city. This will usually only consist of a small group of riders who have a late start at work, work part-time or don’t work at all (young aspiring professionals). They won’t tend to ride with any real urgency as they may include a loop through the Royal National Park which is longer again. The additional distance to Waterfall will get you back to the city a little after 9.00am, approximately 9.15am.

Departs from: Bar Coluzzi, 322 Victoria St, Darlinghurst, 6:20am. (It’s advisable to get there a few minutes early because it’s near impossible to catch up if running late).

Distance: Tuesday, Thursday 60-80km

Average speed: Various – 35-40km/h.

Difficulty: Moderate-Hard.

Tuesday Coluzzi

Click on image to download map from Garmin Connect

*A username and password is required for those wanting to transfer the course information to their Garmin head unit.

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