Caffeine Culture. Sydney, Dawn Patrol – Wednesday

Dawn Patrol, or ‘Dawnie’ is one of Sydney’s most long-standing bunch rides and can be downloaded to your Garmin by clicking on the map image (below)*. Its origin dates at least 30 years and for good reason, it takes in some of Sydney’s more quiet areas without having to travel too far from home. The group swells in the warmer months, with the dedicated members enduring the colder times of the year when descent into Bobbin head can be ‘fresh’. The pace is brisk and generally speaking, there won’t be any slowing down for those struggling with the pace. Punctures are a different matter, with the group stopping long enough for the culprit to repair their flat. Safety and etiquette are important in this group. There is no patron of the bunch but there will be a number of seasoned ‘Dawnie’ riders to keep things in-check.

The ride heads north from Roseville up the Pacific Highway before travelling through Bobbin Head, a 4km climb with a KOM at the top. The speed will be high till the top where the quickest will stop to the side of the road and allow the rest to catch up. Anyone needing to get to work can continue with the group and peel off toward the Pacific Hwy. The bulk of the group will then travel along Mona Vale Road, down McCarrs Creek (with an Akuna Bay and/or West Head option) and down along the ‘Beaches’ road to Manly and the city.

Departs from: Roseville (NB. Many riders join Dawn Patrol at Hornsby too at 6:20am approx), Wednesday, 6:00am

Distance: Up to 130km, though there are many chances to cut it short. This map is the standard 75km, starting in Roseville and finishing in Manly. Of course, you’ll need to ride to the start point and return from the finish. City-siders should plan for approximately 100km to be covered door to door.

Average: Fast – 30km/h +

Difficulty: Hard

Notes: This is a challenging ride, not for someone new to bunch riding – the pace is fast, the terrain is hilly and the full ride is long. That said, if you can hang on for the first turn you’ll find the pace manageable for the remainder of the ride, and it’s an easy one to cut short should you need to.

Click on image to download map from Garmin Connect

Click on image to download map from Garmin Connect

*A username and password is required for those wanting to transfer the course information to their Garmin head unit.

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