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RIDE #55 Round Table – EMC Equip R1.2

A beautiful looking bike that called out for attention from the workstand, the EMC Equip R1.2 seemed large in many regards (550mm top tube) but the narrowness of the bars caught the attention of some who attended the Round Table shoot for RIDE #55. As the publisher surmises, “this is a bike I’d sell to a friend”. It retails for AUD$3,999 with Shimano (mechanical) Ultegra and delivers a ride quality with a “race” feel.
Commentary by Jenny Fay, Alex Malone and Rob Arnold.
Full review by Greg Chalberg (on p.226 of RIDE #55).


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  • Some practical advice from #NYC authorities. #ride #cycling #review #ridemedia 
  • Something makes me think that even the UCI could detect some mechanical doping with some bikes...
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