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ride-editorialRIDE Cycling Review (issue #55) Editorial

Clip in, we’re ready to go. Another season is underway and we’re ready to enjoy the ride. There are a few things you’ll see in this issue that haven’t been featured in RIDE Cycling Review before. One of these is obvious on the cover: the new outfit of GreenEdge. The Australian team made its debut this January and Simon Gerrans ensured it was a successful start. Our aim has always been to remain impartial but this is an Australian magazine and there’s no doubt that this squad is going to continue the evolution of the sport in our country. We cheer all riders, no matter where they come from or what team they’re on. But I confess, it is fun to have something of our own in the pro peloton.

You can read about the exploits of Gerrans in ‘Our Tour’ (starting on p.32) but before getting there, you’ll see a feature relating to another lost Tour. Alberto Contador has received his sentence and it involves a retroactive two-year suspension. Some of his results from recent years are no longer going to be considered legitimate. The winner of the 2010 Tour de France, we are now told, is Andy Schleck. But not even he believes that victories should come through the courtrooms. We try to make sense of the judgement offered by the CAS but conclude that the anwer given on 6 February does little more than raise many other questions. Anyway… onward, to the 2012 season.

The other thing you’ll notice in this issue is the arrival of QR-coded features. The little black-and-white square graphics appear regularly throughout RIDE #55. This is another step we’ve taken to provide our readers with a complete experience. You can read our reviews, then scan the QR code to find out the story behind the stories. It’s a useful tool that we’re still coming to terms with but the idea is to offer further coverage of what we have always presented on these printed pages.

For bike tests, there is additional footage online taking you inside regular sections such the Build Report, Flex Test and the Round Table conversation. We pride ourselves on presenting as much information as possible in the magazine but now we can provide even more. Between issues there’s no time to rest. We ride, and we write. In the process of compiling this information we see and hear things that we want to pass on but there’s not always enough space. So we’re working on finding a solution. Let us know what you think of our “extras” and join us as we continually strive to make a better magazine.

Rob Arnold (rob@ridemedia.com.au)


RIDE Cycling Review (issue #55) Contents

Why Ride: William Jeng
Merida’s vice-president discusses the business of producing a large portion of what the world rides.


Another Lost Tour: The Contador Verdict
He won regularly and emphatically but Alberto Contador is not a champion of some of these events. The CAS ruled that what he achieved after 26 August 2010 is not part of cycling history. By Jean-François Quenet


Racing: “Our” Tour Down Under
The GreenEdge began with success. At the national championships and in its debut in the WorldTour, victories have been achieved. Simon Gerrans was the winner after a team effort. How did you see the sequence of races this January? Cycling is everywhere now, our riders are winning, and ‘our’ tour is a showcase event.


Racing: Tour de San Luis
In January, some of the world’s best riders decided to travel to San Luis in Argentina, rather than compete in the WorldTour-ranked Tour Down Under. John Dawson travelled to South America’s star-studded event to discover what the event was all about and found more than just a bike race.

Racing: Tour of Qatar highlights gallery
After Adelaide, the pro peloton goes to the desert roads of the Middle East. By Jean-François Quenet


Preview: Track world titles
The world championships are coming to Melbourne. Unlike the Olympic Games, the competitions for rainbow jerseys are a represenation of track racing in all its glory, with a complete program – including the ‘kilo’, 500m time trial, individual pursuits and madison. London is going to be full of excitement in August but what can we expect when the worlds come to town this April?


Insight: The Business of cycling…
The streets are alive with the sound of riding. Cycling has never been so popular and yet the professional component of the sport is in a state of flux. It’s big business now and what was once a relatively insular world has far greater reach than ever. How can we capitalise on this interest in what is a boom time for cycling?


Insight: Domestic scene in Australia
The sporting tide is turning. Cycling is one of the big sports in Australia. We saw it live this summer. The national championship road race caught one example of how good racing is in this country and the SBS coverage was good for the sport. What else can we savour from this increased interest?


Racing: New Zealand cycling
In 2012, there are a record number of riders from New Zealand on the UCI WorldTour. Success on the velodrome has helped put cycling in the headlines and Kiwi fans can realistically expect their riders to challenge for Olympic gold… there’s also plenty of hope on the road. Here is a summary of the ‘Super Six’ who are achieving big things.


Nostalgia: A different down under…
Images from a time cycling seems to have forgotten remind us how dramatically the pro scene has changed in a few short decades. Here’s a selection of shots from the archives of French photographer Eric Franceschi.


Experience: Riding with peers and pros
Tasmania The Pro Experience. By Toby Shingleton
ChinaIn yet another confirmation of the globalisation of cycling, another pro team from a new territory has taken a big step forward in 2012. Champion System presented China’s first Pro Continental squad to the public in Beijing before a season of racing around the world… By Cam Whiting


Profiles: Riders living the dream
– Philippe Gilbert
– Jesse Sergent
– Caleb Ewan


Legacies: Aussies invade the Garden
Track racing in the early 1900s was not for the faint of heart. Andrew Homan tells how a few brave Aussies dominated six-day racing in New York City.


Retro review: Vitus Carbone
Sean Kelly is a traditionalist in many ways but he teamed up with a pioneer of frame design. Using a mix of parts from the time of his success, Warren Meade built up a bike that weighs in at 6.66kg.

Columns: The pros, in their own words
Q&A: Michael Rogers
– Rohan Dennis
– Will Walker

Product launch: Campagnolo EPS
Toby Shingleton travels to Sicily for the official unveiling of the first (and second) electronic gruppos from Campagnolo.

Special report: Clipless pedals
Seven of the most popular pedal systems weighed, ridden, considered and compared…


Plus: six bike tests…

– Orbea Orca

– Lapierre Xelius

– EMC Equip R1.2

– Cube Agree GTC

– Champione XCR

– Specialized S-Works Amira SL4

…Each with their own build report, ‘Round Table Discussion’, flex test jig figures, accelerometer data, and full specification, weight breakdown and more…!

Also all the regulars you have come to expect and love in RIDE Cycling Review…

– Snippets

– Race Results

– Tech Snippets

– Paraphernalia

– Caffeine Culture (in Sydney)

– Bikes from the Bunch…

And more!


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