RIDE #56 Round Table – Avanti Quantum Team


Avanti might not have a well-known reputation for creating top quality racing frames but this bike should change people’s minds. The Quantum Team (the same bike used by the Pure Black Racing Team last year) is a bike built to be raced. A low, aggressive position, DT Swiss Tricon wheel set and complete Shimano Dura-Ace – for $6,499 you won’t find many better ‘race-ready’ bikes on the market. The stem was singled out by a few testers as ugly but these were only aesthetic concerns, the bike is a solid product ready for any rider.

Comments come from Toby Shingleton, John Dawson, Rob Arnold, Greg Chalberg and Alex Malone.

Full review done by Shane Lovejoy (p.226 of RIDE #56)

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Author: design@ride

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