RIDE Cycling Review – #57 update


RIDE Cycling Review #57 (Vol 03, 2012) – On sale September

Dear RIDE Readers,

Alas, due to a number of factors beyond our control, RIDE Cycling Review #57 – due out in mid-August – will actually be available early in September.

Our wish is that as soon as each issue is due, it’s immediately on sale but, alas, this is not always possible. The focus of RIDE has always been quality and we will not compromise this approach. Of course our small team in the office understand that readers look forward to each issue and we’re most grateful for this ongoing enthusiasm.

When you do see RIDE #57 (Volume 03, 2012), I’m confident that you’ll like what’s inside.

Thanks for you understanding, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new issue when it finally arrives.



Author: rob@ride

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