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Flick through the pages of any edition of RIDE and you can see images that have defined the sport. Moments of triumph and despair, the attacks that marked the champion and spectacular collapses, all captured through the lens. Now RIDE is very proud to be able to give you the opportunity to purchase prints of these timeless photographs from our contributing photographers including Yuzuru Sunada, James Startt, Mark Johnson and Brian Hodes.

Cycling is more than a sport and the photographs that document the stories, people and passion are more than mere images – they are art. Through RIDE you can buy images from the magazine and we can even organise mounting and delivery. The images below are just an example of the photographs that are available for order, if you find a photograph in RIDE by one of our participating contributors that takes your eye, we can arrange for a print to be delivered to your door.

With Christmas just around the corner, a cycling print is a present that any cyclist will treasure for countless years to come. Your favourite photo from RIDE is now yours to hang in your home!

See HOW TO ORDER below to find out how to have a print on your wall.

The Contributors

Yuzuru Sunada

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Many would recognise Yuzuru Sunada’s incredible photographs from RIDE because for over twenty years the Japanese photographer has been travelling the world and has managed to record some of the defining moments of the sport. His pictures have a clarity and brilliance that make every photograph a spectacular print.  Sunada’s use of light and colour are a result his many years of experience on the professional circuit and his patience and attention to detail combine to produce intriguing and revealing works.

James Startt

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With a style all of his own, James Startt’s photographs capture the brilliant movement of the peloton, the flash of colours of a sprint and the stark expressions on the faces of the world’s top riders. Startt’s landscapes would make a great piece for the home or office as would his many photos taken amongst the boisterous crowds on the most famous climbs in Europe. If atmosphere is what appeals to you then consider James Startt.

Mark Johnson

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Cycling photographers have but the smallest of margins to press the shutter button on their cameras and get the shot before the moment is gone. Amazing then, to look at Mark Johnson’s wonderfully composed images with subtle details and know that they are just one moment in time – captured perfectly.

Brian Hodes

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As with Johnson’s photographs, Brian Hodes too frames his work in such a way to draw one’s eye in for further inspection. With photographs that have precise focus and movement, these works illustrate the power and beauty of cycling.

How to Order

Simply find the photo you like in an issue of RIDE and email RIDE admin with the issue number, page number and photo location and we will be able to give you a quote including delivery.

Sizes range from A5 (210mm x 148mm) right up to A0 (1189mm x 841mm). Prints can be block mounted on foam core, sent rolled or if you prefer we can arrange framing for you.

All prints are made right here in Australia and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Author: design@ride

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