Robbie ‘Nossi’ Williams – In Memoriam

Vale Robbie ‘Nossi’ Williams: 25 June 1985 – 14 August 2012



By Angus Morton

In a sport as consuming as cycling it’s easy to lose sight of the reason why you began racing a bike in the first place. You quickly forget the innocence and pure joy that came with that first race and are sucked into the selfish tendencies that lurk beneath the surface of a sport that demands everything of you. I am certainly guilty of that. However, ‘Nossi’ was one of those rare guys who never lost sight of why he was racing a bike, who appreciated just riding for riding, who never lost sight of the effort those around him put in, and who always acknowledged the privilege of doing something he absolutely loved.

Robbie was the guy who – when you were around him – made you feel better about the world and about yourself.  Everything Robbie did, he did with as much thought for how it would affect others as it would himself. I always remember when I was racing he was the guy who’s good nature I’d strived to emulate, the guy who I looked to for ways to improve myself, to become a better person.  In the years since I raced alongside Nossi, whilst we weren’t in frequent contact, his nature left a lasting impact and I always knew to expect a call at Christmas time to check up on how I was doing, because that’s just him.

The death of someone like Nossi comes as a huge shock, its unfair, and it makes no sense, yet it has happened. It’s the kind of thing that completely changes the way you think about and understand life. Shuddering to quote a selfish tendency that was drilled into me over the years, “What can I take from this situation” – my entire being recoils at the thought, yet later, on the phone with Michael Drapac, I realised that what we must take from all of this is ‘Robbie’, we must keep him in our thoughts and our actions, use his example and his approach to life as a reminder to us to be better people. We needed more Robbie Williams in this world, not less, and so now it is up to all of those who knew Robbie to step up to the plate and carry on his legacy, to be better people.

Rest in peace Robbie.


Author: rob@ride

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