Round Table Discussion – QR Reader Explanation

The Bike Test, the Build Report and now, the Round Table. A bike has gone through a lot to make a few pages in an issue of RIDE. Now, with the help of a few QR codes, we can offer you even more content and insight. But what is a QR code? Effectively it’s just an address for an internet page that can be accessed by ‘scanning it’. Though the question you’re more likely to be asking is, ‘How do I scan it?’ It’s easy. Just download an app for your Apple or Android device (Nokia has one available too) and install it. Then follow the instructions on the app (it’s just like taking a picture on your phone) and your internet browser should pop up with the appropriate web page.

The Round Table was conceived to capture the first impressions of a bike. It’s unscripted and only very lightly edited. Here is the range of bikes discussed during this issue’s Round Table. Enjoy.

Lapierre Xelius 700

EMC Equip R1.2

Cube Agree GTC Race

Champione XCR

Specilaized S-Works Amira

Orbea Orca GDR

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Author: design@ride

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