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In RIDE #56, we reviewed the Focus Izalco similar to what is used by the AG2R La Mondiale team in 2013. It’s the first year the French team has been on the German brand and judging by the look of the bike and the teams results versus the same time 12 months earlier, things are going well with the new association.

Here is a glimpse at some photos and a few grabs from the Focus reviews from RIDE #56 and RIDE #49.


Focus’ bike test history in RIDE


Izalco Team 2.0. Reviewed by Toby Shingleton. (RIDE #56)
“For some unexplainable reason riding this bike I couldn’t stop thinking about food. I’m not talking about day dreaming of consuming a pile of hot porridge or double fried egg BLTs as soon as I arrive at the cafe. I’m talking here about mouthfeel or food texture. I enjoy eating…
Pedalling through velvety scrambled eggs, dense springy muffins, thick maple syrup pouring over pancakes. Stirring a big thick pot of pumpkin soup. Shift gears, hang on – did I change? Yep. But I had to check as the Di2 is faultless. Folding out thick viscous nougat onto a bench top. I hope you are getting the idea… Can the experience of riding be described with the texture of food? Why not I say! This bike is comfort food. It’s homemade organic free-range goodness in the shape of a bike.”

BB30 bottom bracket shells are now a very common sight in high-end road frames, but matching BB30 cranksets seem to be a bit more rare. The Izalco Team is spec’d with FSA bottom bracket adaptors to run the wider but smaller diameter Shimano 24mm axle.


Brand Model Name Price* Issue number Zinio Link Back Issue
Focus Izalco Pro 1.0 $8,999 RIDE #49 Available #49
Focus Izalco Team 2.0 $7,999 RIDE #56 Available #56
Focus Cayo Evo 2.0 $3,899 RIDE #60
*In AUD at the time of the test


Izalco Pro 1.0. Reviewed by Alex Malone. (RIDE #49)
“Not to harp on about the first ride but it is the most important. Everything is fresh and any slight difference from your current bike set-up or characteristics will be noticed immediately. The first outing was not a disappointment but I also didn’t say to myself “wow!” It just felt right – like slipping on a pair of jeans in a store and before you have the top button done up you just know they are a perfect fit and “I’ll take ‘em”. This is how the Izalco felt. Ride sensations are neither lively nor is it bone-jarringly stiff but where a frame of this calibre should sit – somewhere in the middle.”


Matte finished frames can be difficult to keep maintained but the Izalco has a wax-feel coating and marks will easily wipe away. 3T also supplies bars, stem and post.



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