We’re inundated by data these days. Everywhere we go there’s a number to explain how we got there. What do ‘they’ say? “If it’s not on Strava, it’s not real.” Or something like that?

We know our distance, our average speed, our maximum speed, our calorie consumption, our power output, our heart rate, and how we fared against fellow riders on the same route… but, somehow, dates can escape us.

Hands up if you’ve ever gotten to Christmas eve and thought, ‘Oh, why didn’t I get my gift for dad/mum/son/daughter/friend/foe before now?’

A bit of planning – and the right gift idea – would ease that angst.

Even if you’re a humbug, a calendar is still a handy acquisition. Inevitably you’ll want to know if Milan-San Remo is on a Saturday or a Sunday, perhaps you’ll even like to consider the actual date of the race.

And all this brings us to the topic at hand: the 2016 Graham Watson Calendar is now available.




He is one of the preeminent cycling photographers in the world. He’s been inside the peloton for longer than many of us have been riding a bike. He’s seen it all and shot it all… well, most of it.

His pictures remind us of the beauty of cycling. Month by month, the calendar offers a new scene to hang on the wall and admire.

The dates of major races are marked and there are the scenes you’ve come to expect from Graham Watson: pelotons, victories, sunflowers, suffering… the Tour, the Giro, the Vuelta, the Classics. It’s cycling. And you know you love it, so chances are that special person in your life will too.

Order a calendar today, and go about collecting your data knowing that the gift for that special day has been acquired and that someone is going to be happy – and know the dates that matter for next year.